Monday, January 3, 2011

Day #83 Bee-you-tiful Bee Joke Answers

Back on Day #73, I asked:

What did the (fill in your choice of occupation) say to the bee who was tired?

Here are some of the responses:

The runner said "It's all in the knees" (bee's knees!) -- from Bill
The pilot said, "Bee-keeping your wings up!" -- also from Bill
Another pilot told the bee to "straighten up and fly right!" -- from SalThe hairdresser said, "Honey, that beehive is totally you!" - from Billy
A different hairdresser said, "Where's your comb?" -- from Petie
The builder said, "Your propolis needs propping up." -- from Connie
The chiropractor said, "Let's line up your wing and your sting." -- from Marsha
The midwife said, "Pop out of it, Sweetie!" -- from Jan
The inspirational speaker said, "Focus on what's right about you, and you'll bee just fine."  -- from Ellie

and the final one:
The proctologist said, "All you need is a cleansing flight." -- from George
   Note from Fran: I'll explain this one in tomorrow's blog.

Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed. I thoroughly enjoyed the answers!

And I'd like to acknowledge all of you who've tried to become followers or to make comments, but haven't been able to make it work. I have no idea what's wrong. I probably have the blog set up wrong, somehow, but don't know what to do about it. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. My eddress is fran at fran stewart (all one word) dot com.

BEEattitude for Day # 83:
       Blessed are the beekeepers, for they shall bee happy.

One thing Fran is grateful for right now:
       The gorgeous sunset through the storm clouds last night 

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