Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day #92 Bee Suits and Police Dogs

I tried on a beekeeper's suit a while back. The beekeeper it belonged to was a large man, at least six inches taller than my 5'7". When I got it on, all you'd have to do to make me look like the Pillsbury Doughboy was to insert lots of air. Thinking of that reminded me of a police dog I met in May of 2010.

Last year I participated in the Gwinnett County Citizens Police Academy. Two evenings a week for nine weeks. Boy, did I learn a lot.

The subject of the last class before we graduated was the K-9 Corps. One of the K-9 handlers came with his dog and told us about the training, the expense, the funny things that happened, and the not-so-funny. We saw some training videos and asked lots of questions.

Then the officer said, "Is there anyone who'd like to volunteer to get in the Michelin Man suit and give it a try?" My hand was the first in the air.

One thing I learned growing up was "Never Volunteer!" Trouble is, if you don't volunteer, you miss out on a lot of fun.

You also miss out on being scared enough to pee in your pants. Well, that's an exaggeration. I went potty before they zipped me into the suit. Thank goodness!

Fashion Statement

Waiting for the command to attack

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

I CAN'T GET UP ! ! ! !
I couldn't bend in the middle enough to stand up, so the officer grabbed the suit at my shoulder and mid-back and hauled me to my feet.

I sure am glad my bees won't be able to knock me over. I hope...

BEEattitude for Day # 92:
       Blessed are they who are spontaneous, for they shall have good stories to tell.

One thing Fran is grateful for right now:
       Knowledgeable people who take the time to teach me.


The Cat Bastet said...

Wow, you are brave! Thanks for including the photos.

Cathy AJ
Davison, MI

Fran Stewart said...

You're welcome! I'm old enough that I don't worry about making a fool of myself.