Monday, October 24, 2011

Bees don’t worry about holidays, so why do we people? I’d prefer to think that bees celebrate life every single day. Maybe there’s a stir through the hive when a new, rich nectar source is discovered, or when a new queen hatches, but I doubt they concern themselves with stringing lights over the shrubbery or bringing dead trees inside.

I pretty much decided to give up on holidays a number of years ago. I found I was stressing out and completely losing the concept of “celebration.” I’m not a Grinch. I’m not opposed to the idea of holidays. I simply choose not to buy in to the mania that grips this country from October through the end of December and one day into each New Year.

Since I’ve been sharing Facebook entries with you – I couldn’t resist this wisdom from Maxine.

BEEattitude for Day # 377:
       Blessed are those who take each day with gladness in their hearts, for they shall garner true wealth – “peace it bodes, and love, and quiet life.”

p.s. from Fran. Yes, bees do quote Shakespeare, at least in this blog. They like The Taming of the Shrew almost as much as I do.


AggiePete said...

We haven't put up decorations or trees for years due to our feline children wanting to get into them or climb on them. And you know, we have just as merry a Christmas as everyone else. And Maxine is the best!!!

Fran Stewart said...

The beginning of the end of tree decorating for me was the year my dear Harley climbed the tree and knocked it over -- not once, not twice, but three times!

After that I tied it to hooks in the window framing. He kept climbing, but at least the tree didn't fall down. It only went askew as far as the rope would let it.

My poor tree looked like a prisoner! But my cat was extremely happy...

I miss Harley, who died 2 years ago this November, but I don't miss the tree at all!

AggiePete said...

We never tried the 'tying the tree to the window' - sounds like a great idea but I can see the 'prisoner' aspect of it too. Dear Harley - God love him - I know he had adventuresome fun with that tree! Mine (we have 6 now but at the time only 1 - Simba) tried it once and over it went - that made believers of us. It was a smaller tree so not much damage to speak of and the ornaments are now safe & sound in boxes in the closet! They get their 'binkies' from Santa and that is their holiday celebration!

Fran Stewart said...

A numer of years ago I made some catnip toys for my kitties -- took an old piece of soft material, made it into a little pouch, put in some catnip and some crinkly plastic I'd taking off some sort of over-packaged item, and sewed it up.

My cats LOVED them.

Once, on impulse, I had to mail some promotional material to a woman who was doing some design work for me (long before much business was done via the internet). It was early December, and knowing that she had a cat and that she worked from her home, I included one of the toys in the package.

Her cat pounced on the package as soon as she brought it inside. He ripped up the outer wrapping, clawed open the box, and tore out of the room with the cat toy.

Must have been some potent catnip in there!

AggiePete said...

That is too funny! I can see it now!