Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day #382 Old Phones

If I remember, my first phone number, on an Air Force base overseas, was something like 53, or maybe it was 537. The phone was the old, heavy, black, corded, sit on the desk model. And only one phone in the entire house.

Then, for a while, I lived in a mountain town in Colorado that had a teeny phone company. That phone number was W5R, or some such crazy number. Try telling that to a long-distance operator.

Now it’s all cell phones – and no need to push a 1 before the ten digits.

The story keeps floating around the internet that cell phone signals mess up the navigation systems of honey bees.

The scientists at the honey bee laboratory at the University of Florida, however, tell us that there’s no such problem. Bees apparently blithely ignore cell signals.

Whew! That’s good to know. I’d hate to dial W5R and have nobody BEE there.

BEEattitude for Day # 382:
       Blessed are those who keep in touch, for they shall live in ever-widening circles.

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