Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day #364 Hurry Slower

Sometimes, when life is feeling a little bit frantic, it’s a good idea to remember how bees handle all the jobs they have to do.

One at a time.

Although every worker bee takes on every single job in the hive, no bee tries to do them all at once. They do this for a day or two and that for a day or two, this job for three days and that job for five.

Twelve of them, pooling their efforts over the course of their six-week lives, can make a teaspoon of honey.

And I thought  I had it hard …
BEEattitude for Day # 364:
       Blessed are those who take their time, for they shall hurry slower and get everything done in good measure. 

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AggiePete said...

What a wonderful message! If I could just remember this one daily. Little fuzzies are very smart.

Fran Stewart said...

How right you are, Petie. We couold learn a lot from bees -- if we'd just take the time to do so!