Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day #357 And the Winner Is . . .

Here's another post that has nothing to do with bees.
For the past month you’ve been putting up with those dog announcements at the bottom of my posts, and many of you, from Colorado to Michigan to Florida to Scotland (!) andlots of places in between, responded by contributing to the Walton Animal Guild. I wish all of you could have won, but there's room for only one new dog in my next book.
Now the dog raffle is over, and if you’d like to see Gracie, the winner, playing in the snow, check out this video:

Three years ago, Gracie was rescued by Carol and Ted Baum from the parking lot of a drugstore, where she had installed herself as the official outside greeter, apparently looking for just the right people to adopt. They took her to an animal shelter so her original owners might find her. When she wasn’t claimed, Carol and Ted went right back and brought her home.  She was in pretty bad shape physically, but with lots of love and good vet care, Gracie rebounded to good health.

I love happy stories.
So now, Gracie will grace the pages of Violet as an Amethyst, the 6th Biscuit McKee mystery. I’m having great fun working on re-writing the dog scenes. I'll be sure to let you know when it's released (both print and ebook).

BEEattitude for Day # 357:
       Blessed are those who care enough to give animals a home, for we shall repay them with love (from the dogs, cats, and horses) and with honey (from the bees!)

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AggiePete said...

Gracie is a true beauty and look forward to the new book! Do you think you'll ever write the fuzzies into a Biscuit story?

Fran Stewart said...

Will I ever write the fuzzies into my books, you ask. Does a bee make honey?

If you read INDIGO AS AN IRIS, you'll recall that Sadie's husband died at a happy old age. He'd been a beekeeper (although I hadn't mentioned that in INDIGO). Now Sadie needs someone to take over the care of his hives. So, naturally, she asks Bob.

In VIOLET AS AN AMETHYST (due out in Movember) Bob is all ready to move them; Biscuit likes the idea of having beehives close to her garden; someone with a truck is lined up to help with the transport -- but then there's this dead body.

I do, after all, write murder mysteries, so there has to be a body!

But yes, the bees will eventually get firmly installed in Biscuit and Bob's back yard. They're gonna love them.

Fran Stewart said...

Whoops! November, not Movember!

AggiePete said...

You bet I read Indigo - I've got all the 'Biscuit books' and am looking forward to Violet very much! And the 'fuzzies' story line sounds fantastic! Thanks, Fran, for all you do - it is sincerely appreciated and you are loved by so many!