Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day #368 A New Arrival

I got to thinking about bees and honey. Are you surprised by this?

We humans eat the excess honey, in the same way that when we drink milk, it’s the extra milk, the gallons and gallons of it that the calves don’t need.

Rancho Alegre, the organic farm in Dacula GA, has a brand new calf, just a few days old, and the new mom has an abundance of milk.
In the state of Georgia, it's illegal to sell non-pasteurized milk for human consumption. Unpasteurized milk must be labeled "For Pet Consumption Only." I agree that milk produced by huge conglomerates has to be pasteurized for our protection. We have no idea what those cows have been eating or what their living conditions are.
Just as we have no clue, generally, of what supermarket honey contains (things like corn syrup imported from China, where pesticides have killed so many of the natural pollinators that Chinese farmers have to use little paint brushes to hand-pollinate their crops).

Rancho Alegre's newest baby (c) 2011 P. Quintero
RanchoAlegre is where I buy my locally-grown, safe, delicious produce that's been pollinated naturally. I get goat milk there, too. My cat, Miss Polly thrives drinking goat milk. Daisy, my other cat, doesn't care for it. Go figure.

The first one who gets the cow's milk, though, is this little lady in the photo that Pilar Quintero, Rancho's owner, was kind enough to let me use. I love the way the calf's tongue is just barely visible.

And - would you believe it? Her name is VIOLET! If that doesn't ring a bell, you may not know that muy upcoming book -- due to be release in another month or so -- is called  VIOLET AS AN AMETHYST. I love coincidences!
Anyway, I just thought you’d like to meet Violet.
Don't you love the way the sun illuminates the veins in her ear?

BEEattitude for Day # 368:
       Blessed are those who nurture the little ones, for they shall sleep with a warm feeling in their hearts.

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The Cat Bastet said...

Violet is such a pretty little thing!