Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day #358 No More Ads

You might notice that I've removed all those ads from my blog site.

I got to thinking about ads in general. I don't have a TV set -- in large part because 20 or so years ago the commercials began to irritate me so much I decided to take them out of my life. There were other things I objected to, like the vacuous look on the faces of people (probably myself included) as we watched whatever was on the set, and the amount of time I found myself wasting watching shows that may have been entertaining, but that, in the long run, simply didn’t enrich my life. Still, it was the commercials that grated on my nerves the most.

I know we all buy things, and I know that advertising a business is important for the business owner, but somehow or other, I don't want any more to be a part of bombarding people with ads. If I find a good business that I enjoy dealing with, I’ll brag about it here and in conversations with friends. I won’t, however, allow any more ads on this site.

I started the ads because of a hype-filled Google campaign that said something like, “Let your blog pay for itself!” Here's just one of the blurbs they put forth:

[imagine oversized, colorful Google and Blogger logos here}
Free, simple way for Blogger users to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their blog.

I’ll admit, that sounded like a good idea. Every time you opened one of the ads, I got a few cents. And there was an option that allowed me to block certain types of ads:

get rich quick,
fast weight loss,
cosmetic surgery,
enhancing you-know-what,
 and so on.

But what I found was that you were, for the most part, uninterested in the ads. How do I know that? After 350 days of this blogging, the ads had earned me only $55.21.

I don’t regret having removed the ads from this blog site. The rotten thing about it is that Google now has $55.21 in my “AdSense” account, but their proviso was that they’d send me a check whenever the balance reached $100.

Now that I’m out of the program, do you think they’ll send me the money?

I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.

I hope you appreciate the change. It cost me $55.21 to make it…

BEEattitude for Day # 358:
       Blessed are those who plant flowers that bloom in the autumn, for we bees shall sing for them as we gather fall nectar.

p.s. from Fran I hope you don't mind that I put these "teeny details" at the bottom of most of my posts. They're here because when someone new visits my blog, I'd like to give them options for finding my books and e-books. At least I put it in teeny-weeny print.
The teeny details:
my books: Please buy them from an independent bookstore or directly from my website.
my eBooks for Kindle:
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