Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day #372 Fire Prevention

After seeing this  picture on Facebook of a firefighter (Jeff Clark) being licked by a dog he’d rescued, I’ve been thinking about bees and fire.

A smoker supposedly makes bees think fire is in the area. The bees begin to gorge on honey. Beekeepers who know about such things say that the bees are preparing to leave the hive, taking their honey with them. At best, this is a guess. Who knows what bees are thinking?

Still, it seems to me the stress of believing fire is about to consume their home must be awfully hard on the bees.

That’s why I tend to agree with those beekeepers who try to keep their hive inspections to a minimum. How would you like it if somebody terrified you on a regular basis, and afterwards always said, “I was just kidding.”

Yeah. That what I’d think too.

And, by the way, the "dog kiss" happened on August 1, 2009. Just goes to show you how long stories can go around and around and around.

BEEattitude for Day # 372:
       Blessed are those who do what is kind, for they shall get extra points.

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AggiePete said...

I never knew that about bees & smoke - God love them. And I love the photo - thanks for my morning smiles. Hugs from a much cooler Houston!