Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day #366 Food from Bugs

In some area of the world, people routinely eat various bugs, such as grasshoppers (I’ve heard they’re pretty tasty when they’re fried), ants (covered in chocolate, anyone?), and assorted other six-legged critters. But when it comes to the food those bugs eat (such as aphids, plant saps, and dirt), we humans are not interested. Honey bees, though, are the only insects that produce food humans like to eat.

Isn’t that worth a little cheer?


for the

honey bees!

BEEattitude for Day # 366:
       Blessed are those who live attuned to nature, for they shall sing with the rising sun.

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AggiePete said...

Good morning! And yes, the fuzzies produce delicious food for us! As just a side note: lived in South Africa in the late 70's & had an 'ant dish' which wasn't too bad but once was enough!

Fran Stewart said...

You ate ants??????

Were they crunchy?

Of course, the difference here is that those ants weren't producing the food. They WERE the food!

AggiePete said...

It was called 'ants & rice' and truthfully there were veggies in with them so I wasn't aware of 'em while I was eating. And the wine that washed them down helped tremendously!!

Fran Stewart said...

Ah yes. If I were eating ants, I suppose I'd want wine, too. Let's see --- red wine or white? Is there a rule regarding ant meat?