Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day #485 It's That Time of Year

Remember the old song: "It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love..." 

Wait -- No. That song writer was talking about December. I'm talking about NOW.

In the South, late January and early February is when queen bees start laying eggs, so our song goes: "It's that time of year, when the queens start to lay..." Twenty-one days after she lays those first 2,500 eggs, the babies will hatch, begin their cell-cleaning and comb-building routines. They’ll go through all those hive jobs that bees have been doing for millions of years. 
Then, a few short weeks later, the bees from hatch #1 will be ready to go out to forage -- and by then, there should (hopefully) be some spring growth, with nectar and pollen.
I know this happens every year. But I still can’t help marveling at the sheer miracle of it.
Speaking of miracles -- EllieBug is back on her feet with not only that new battery, but also a new crank shaft sensor. Thank you for your encouraging emails! 

So, Wednesday evening, when I drove to the Gwinnett County training session for precinct managers and assistant managers (I’ll be one of the assistant mgrs at the upcoming March 6th election), I felt perfectly safe in my happy little polka-dotted car.
BEEattitude for Day #485:
       Blessed are those who welcome Spring, for they shall celebrate along with us as we fly in quest of nectar.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

Hurray for EllieBug! I knew it - she's back on her feet and going strong! And neat to know about the new little 'fuzzies' coming into the world - the weather here is almost spring-like - haven't had much winter but February's not over yet! Give EllieBug a big hug .. better still a nice gentle pat for me!

Fran Stewart said...

Consider that gentle pat delivered and appreciated.

Let me know when you start seeing bees around your place.

AggiePete said...

Billy & I saw 3 Monday afternoon - really. There are some wild daisy-like flowers in our driveway and the little 'fuzzies' were on them. Will keep an eye out for others.

Fran Stewart said...

Good! That makes sense. You're farther south than I am, so your queen bees would start their egg-laying before our bees in north-central Georgia.