Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day #504 Sense of Perspective

You know what the trouble is nowadays with taking a vacation? When you get back, you have several hundred emails to go through.
It feels like punishment of a sort, plowing through the junk to get to the few jewels here and there.
When bees fly back to the hive after a long foraging trip, they get welcomed back—because they’re carrying nectar and pollen—and there’s probably no buildup of extra chores they have to do. Of course, on the other hand, they don’t really get any sort of vacation. Ever.
I had a chance to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic; I saw dolphins; I ate yummy food I wouldn’t get here in Georgia (at least, not in my house, since I don’t like to cook); so, I guess 200 emails is a small price to pay for such a great time.
And Erica is doing much better, by the way.
BEEattitude for Day #504:
       Blessed are those who sty in touch with old friends, for they shall have a sense of perspective. 


AggiePete said...

The Lord is so good - prayers continue for Erica! And to actually see dolphins 'up close & personal' ... what a thrill! I know the 'reunion' with your old friend was the best part of all! And Polly needs 'kitty kisses' from her Auntie Pete please!

Fran Stewart said...

The dolphins were wild, swimming in the bay about 200 feet from us as we sat eating lunch at "Fishlips" (I kid you not. That was the name of the restaurant.)

And I gave an Auntie-Petie-kiss to Daisy, as well as to Polly

AggiePete said...

I love that name: Fishlips! And of course I'd never slight the other feline child - kisses to both Daisy & Polly!