Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 492 Pollen Time

Well, it’s official. The bees have been collecting pollen here in the metro Atlanta area. The reports are that it’s yellow, red, and sort of a bright orange.

The only things I can see blooming in my yard are daffodils, Vinca Minor, and Hellebore, but there must be other flowers out there if other beekeepers are reporting pollen-collecting.
The birds are certainly going through mealworms like crazy, which means they’re thinking about nesting and egg-laying.
Even though it’s hard to believe, spring is on its way.
I remember that first bright, light spring green. I was first aware of it when I lived in Vermont. After a long, hard winter, suddenly there was one magical day when a wisp of green hovered in the tree branches.
I don’t see that so much here in Georgia. Spring is still a magical time, but not quite the same as it was up north. Here Spring oozes up on you; it Vermont it springs forth. Maybe it’s just that we longed for Spring a lot more when the weather had been dropping below freezing on a regular basis.
BEEattitude for Day #492:
       Blessed are those who appreciate all the seasons, for they shall be aware of life, and life shall surprise them beautifully.
The teeny details:
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