Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day #488 Daisy Horse

You asked for a horse report, so here it comes.
I had my second appointment with Daisy the Horse and Jerry (the therapist) and Lissa (the other therapist and horse owner) in the Flying Change program.
Meeting my fears and doing something about them in a safe environment is, on the one hand, invigorating and, on the other hand, exhausting. I came out of the two hour session with wobbly legs and shaky hands, but with a big grin.
When I first arrived, I took this picture of some of the other horses up in the pasture, tucked under the overhanging branches of tall pine trees.

Jerry and Lissa weren’t there yet, so I took a sneak peek at Daisy. I tried to take a photo of the two of us together.

Daisy has had some problems with one of her back legs, and it’s all bandaged up in purple. They use a different color wrap for each day of the week to show that the medication has been put on it that day. 
I talked to Daisy for a while, until Lissa showed up with the carrots.

Finish what’s in your mouth first, Daisy, and then you can have the rest of this.

You may remember that I told you last month that Daisy had lost an eye. In these pictures you can see the empty socket. When the eyeball was removed, the vet covered the hole with skin stretched from the surrounding tissue, and, although you can’t see it in these pictures, the skin has gradually grown hair. So Daisy has a fuzzy eye socket.

After I brushed and combed her, we let her out of her stall so she could munch grass in front of the barn -- there’s an enclosed courtyard there. And I had a chance to approach her when she was out in the open. It felt scarier to me than being in the stall, although I suppose I should have felt safer outside because I could easily move out of her way.
I even got in a hug.

And then Lissa pointed out that Ben, a very young horse, was watching me over the fence, so I worked up my courage to go talk with him. At one point he snuggled his muzzle into the crook of my elbow and just stood there.

Next month I’m going to try to put a halter on Daisy.

You've been with me through the whole bee process, so you might as well come along on the horse project.

And, I have to show you this:
When I got home, Daisy had a great time sniffing every single finger. She could tell I'd been scratching somebody other than her.

BEEattitude for Day #488:
       Blessed are those who help others allay their fears, for they shall leave the world a better place for their having been here.

p.s. my smart phone ain't so smart. She knows only that one joke. Ah well...

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The Cat Bastet said...

Fran, I am so proud of you! Thanks for including the beautiful photos. The horses are lovely.

Cathy AJ

Fran Stewart said...

Thank you, Cathy. I just couldn't get over how gentle they were. Here I've gone through my whole life thinking horses--all horses--liked to bite people. What a waste of energy all that fear is.