Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day #501 Bees with Back Problems?

I got to thinking about what happens to bees if they have back problems. They probably just die. I never heard of a bee chiropractor.
I’d like to tell you a story.
Years and years ago, in what feels like another lifetime, I was the passenger in a car that was hit, and the door caved in on me.
That was before I knew about chiropractors. A visit to an orthopedist resulted in nothing except that I saw some really cool X-rays of my now-crooked spine, that, when viewed from the back, went down, over, down, the upper vertebrae nudged to the left and stuck there. The damage to my neck and back left me in pretty bad shape, and I limped around for days, finally giving up in pain and despair and simply staying in bed. I wanted to die, I hurt so much.
We had some friends who lived near Washington DC at the time. Karen found sitters for her children and drove to Vermont unannounced, breezed in and took over the management of the house. She cared for my children, cooked meals, cleaned up, babied me, and eventually got me up and walking. 
When I finally went to a chiropractor, doubled over with the pain, I walked out after the appointment upright for the first time in weeks.
So, I’m going to praise chiropractors for the rest of my life. I’m also feeling pretty grateful to Karen. She moved from DC to Florida several years after she saved me, and I’ve seen her only once since then when she and her husband Dan drove through the Atlanta area. 
But for the past couple of days I’ve been visiting them in their comfy house in Ormond Beach. I had intended to leave my phone turned off and buried in my suitcase the entire four days, but I chose not to, since my niece is still hospitalized, and I didn’t want to miss any updates. The good news is that her eyes are open now, and she is able to recognize people. Keep the good thoughts flowing her way, please.
My first goal in coming here to Florida was to catch up with Karen on a lot of what I’ve missed for the past few decades; the second was to walk barefooted on the beach.
Now that I’ve done those, I’ll be heading home tomorrow.
And I might even have some pictures to share with you.
BEEattitude for Day #501:
       Blessed are those who keep in touch with old friends, for they shall feel a deep sense of connection.

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