Friday, February 24, 2012

Day #500 Five Hundred???????

What is there about list items with a couple of zeros at the end?
When I started this blog in October of 2010 and pledged to write every day for 600 days, I found it hard to believe I’d get to 200 or 300, much less 500.
Some of you have been with me right from the start, some of you are relative newcomers to the Bees Knees Beekeeping Blog, but no matter which category you fit into, I’m grateful for the fact that you choose to spend a part of your day with me, here in the midst of these musings of mine.
Pat Gerard, the archivist who is beginning to catalog my papers, has informed me that this blog holds an important place in my writings. She’s printing off each post on archival paper so the collection will have a chance of surviving several hundred years at least.
What on earth will people in the 22nd century think about these ramblings of mine, assuming that someone out there finds them in the course of a research project?
Should I be mindful that I’m writing for posterity? Well, I don’t think so. I’m writing for you. And for myself. I'm writing for members of the beekeeping community as well as for people who don't know one end of a bee from another. 

I hope that in the course of this journey with me you’ve learned a little bit about honey bees, a little bit about conservation and ecology, a little bit about approaching life joyously, and a little bit about the value of laughing hard every day.
If you have, I’ve done my job. I’m awfully glad you’re along for the ride!
BEEattitude for Day #500:
       Blessed are those who feel the wonder of the world around them, for they shall be endlessly amazed. 

p.s. Thank you for all your encouraging emails about Erica. The good news is that the breathing tube is out, she's been able to say a few words, and her feisty, wonderful self is apparent in those sparkling eyes. We're all breathing a lot easier now -- especially her!

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AggiePete said...

Has it really been 500 days?! Wow and good for you! Can't imagine a day without 'hearing from you' - won't think about that now ... and fantastic news about Erica! Prayers and good thoughts continue for her as well.