Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day #505 Beach Report

Happy Leap Year Day. I thought you might enjoy seeing a little bit of my vacation.

I didn’t see a single honey bee at the beach. Of course, I do wonder if bees like the Atlantic shore. The wind was pretty stiff most of the time.

I didn’t see any bees in Karen and Dan’s yard either. 

This yellow flower bloomed on the sand dune beside the shore, just at the base of an observation platform. I spotted it after the sun came up.

Even though there were no bees, I did see a couple of little critters that I’d like to share with you. 

The closed shell you see on the left contained a live animal, and I had to give it a little kiss before I eased it back into the receding tide. 

This other little guy was as perky as they come. Too bad s/he was empty. Of course, if there had been anyone home, the shell wouldn’t have looked like a face.

Looks rather like Chewbacca, doesn't it?

I found this announcement, from a lighthouse commission report in 1868.   

It still has a good message today.

My shins are still sore from the miles we walked along the beach at daybreak (and midday and sunset) -- but it was worth it.

Thanks, Karen and Dan.

BEEattitude for Day #505:
       Blessed are those who watch where they’re flying [or walking], for they shall see wonders.

 And, of course, Polly found a box while I was gone...


AggiePete said...

What fantastic photos! The colors of the sky are amazing and you can feel the serenity. I know that lovely 'shell' felt your affection too.

Fran Stewart said...

Sorry, Petie -- I'm behind on replying to comments, emailed ones as well as blog-posted ones.

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. It truly was a serene time. even though I get up early every morning here in Georgia, I never see a sunrise because I live down in just enough of a valley that the sun doesn't appear until after 8:00 or so. Of course, the LIGHT appears well before that.