Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day #176 Stained!

Finally! Finally, the weather cooperated enough for me to finish staining the uprights on the deck. Now I won’t have to worry about the bees getting their little feet stuck in yucky stain.

And while I was rummaging around in the garage, I came across an outdoor re-circulating fountain that a neighbor gave me six years ago when I moved into this house. It needed some work, and I hadn’t had time to fiddle with it, so I’d stuck it aside and eventually buried it under other junk. Why do I collect so much stuff in my garage? Do you do that, too? Still, I repaired it and set it up on the deck, so now there’s a fountain that drips a drop every second or so. The birds will enjoy it, I think.

I still need to buy one more cinder block so I can set the hives up off the deck surface, and then I’ll be ready. We’re almost there: Bee-Day is on the horizon!

BEEattitude for Day # 176:
       Blessed are those who are hungry for knowledge, for they shall find enjoyment all around them.

What Fran is grateful for right now:
       Bluebirds, cardinals, downy woodpeckers, pine siskins, Eastern towhees, chickadees, goldfinches, and tufted titmice, plus all the others I don’t know the names of.    


AggiePete said...

If we were only closer - I have cinder blocks 'out the wazoo' in the garage & under the carport!! Sounds like you found and fixed the fountain just in time for thirsty little feathered friends. Hey, maybe little squirrels will need a drink in the warmer weather! And it's almost time for the little 'welcome' mat for the buzzing family members!!

Fran Stewart said...

I asked around to see if any of my friends had an extra block lying around, but no such luck. I tried to substitute bricks, but they're not as sturdy as the cinderblocks, and they weren't quite tall enough. I found out that you can't let beehives lean to the side because the bees form their comb according to the pull of gravity, and we wouldn;t want crooked comb! Maybe I'll blog about this sometime.