Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day #196 The Comfort of a Phone Call

Tommy Bailey, one of the founders of our Beekeepers Club, called me Monday afternoon in answer to the frantic email I’d sent out on Sunday.

He very patiently walked me through, step-by-step, the process for opening the white hive and correcting the problem. I’m going to tackle it today after I get home from giving blood. Send me some good thoughts, please. Tommy swears that I can do it, and I’m almost ready to believe him.

I’ll let you know in Wednesday’s blog.

Let’s hope Tuesday stays sunny, so the bees won’t be nervous.

BEEattitude for Day # 196:
       Blessed are those who are brave enough to learn new skills, for they shall keep us bees entertained.

What Fran is grateful for right now:
       Tommy’s encouragement

Happy Birthday, Savannah!


The Cat Bastet said...

Good luck, Fran! I'm looking forward to reading about how it turns out.

Fran Stewart said...

Thanks for your good thougts.
I kept waking up last night imagining all sorts of dire scenarios, an activity that is worse than uselss, since it did nothing whatsoever to help the bees.
We had rain yesterday, so first worry was whether I'd be able to find enough dry pine needles to fire up the smoker.
Oh well, it will be what it will be.
Should I come teach a class at your college? "Beekeeper Philosophy 101"

AggiePete said...

Fran, you can do it!! If anyone can, you can! Those precious 'fuzzies' know you and know you have their best interest at heart. And boy, would I love to have your as an instructor in school! Looking forward to good news on tomorrow's blog!

The Cat Bastet said...

I'd love to take a class on beekeeping with you! :)

Fran Stewart said...

For some reason I didn't see the last two messages until this morning (Wednesday). Sorry I didn't get back to you Petie and "Cat." I truly appreciate your encouragement.

As to the "class" comment - I just ordered some honey bee education cards from Brushy Mountain. I've been invited to talk about beekeeping for Career Day in May at my granddaughter's school. I'll be talking to all the 5th graders. Naturally, I'll blog about the experience!