Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day #191 First Pollen Pocket

Public Domain Photo

Late Wednesday morning, as I sat next to the hives drinking a cup of tea, I saw a bee with those bright yellow “saddlebags” on her back legs, the corbiculae that I wrote about last October 25th on day # 14 of this blog. Those pollen pockets had been, until Wednesday, only a vague concept to me. Now, the reality of those foragers carting load after load of nectar and pollen has come home to me in a flash of insight.

In the hours since that moment, of course, I’ve seen plenty more of them, and I’m gratified to know that the trees and flowers around here are providing plenty of protein for my honey bees.

But that very first sight of that very first bee will stand out in my memory for a long time. The wonder of that bright flash of golden yellow felt like a miracle. And, I suppose, it was.

BEEattitude for Day # 191:
       Blessed are those who move slowly around our hives, for they shall see bee-wonders.

One thing Fran is grateful for right now:
       The stately ravens who stride around my front yard


AggiePete said...

It's like a dream come true I'm sure. All the months of preparation and now it's a reality. I'm very proud to know you and to be a part of your accomplishments even if it's reading about them and seeing the photos. You are to be congratulated for all your hard work. Hugs & kudos to you!

Fran Stewart said...

Thanks so much, Petie. Yes, it does feel like a dream come true. Last night a huge thunderclap woke me up, and I went tearing out onto the deck (in the driving rain) to be sure the girls were okay. I put a brick on top of each hive just in case the wind got even stronger (and it did...)

I have a tendency to put my ear against the lid when the weather is nice, just to hear them rumbling.

AggiePete said...

You are a wonderful mother to all - and they in turn will love you right back. Have a wonderful Easter and love to the little 'fuzzies' as well!