Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day #539 Terri Caught a Swarm

I met Terri Tattan when she organized (and I helped staff) a beekeeper’s display at Whole Foods, where Terri works. She became interested in beekeeping, joined our club, and is a stalwart member now.
Whole Foods has an observation hive, a beautifully built glass-sided, rotating hive that has a L O N G tube to the outside of the store. The bees come and go all day long. 
Well, a few days ago the bees swarmed. Terri ran home, got her beekeeper’s suit, and captured the swarm right out of the Whole Foods parking lot..
I’m happy to report that the bees are still with her, and appear to be happy in their new home. Congratulations on your first swarm-capture, Terri!
BEEattitude for Day #539:
       Blessed are those who help us find good homes, for they shall receive the extra honey we make.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

Oh my gosh - that must have been one heck of a job - 'rescue' a swarm?! Terri, bless you and kudos for a job well done!

Fran Stewart said...

Actually, if a swarm capture goes well, it's not all that difficult. Her swarm was close to the ground and fairly compact. The bees in a swarm are generally not aggressive. They're just wiring for their scouts to find a new place for them to live. And they're intent on surrounding their queen.

The real problem comes when the swarm is up high in a tree. Lots of beekeepers have been injured -- not by the bees, but by falling.

AggiePete said...

That is amazing that they just wait for a new place to live and at the same time protect the queen. Am I correct in assuming that they, in fact, are not aggressive nor angry as they are so often depicted? Shame - they just want to do their jobs & live their lives in peace. A good lesson.

Fran Stewart said...

That's right. Bees are pretty laid back unless there's a need to defend the hive.

Terri said...

Believe me, I had help and encouragement from a fellow beekeeper who caught a swarm near here last year. It was a bit messy, as the branch they had landed on broke, scattering them around a bit more than I would have liked! They were on a branch, under a shrub and all in the mulch, poor things!

Fran Stewart said...

Glad you got them, Terri. I do hope the stragglers didn't get lost in the mulch.