Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day #540

One of the disadvantages of technology is the increasing specialization, in which one expert’s field of study is so narrow, there seems to be no connection to anything outside of that field.
Bees don’t have that problem. In the course of a worker bee’s life, she will perform every single job in the hive, doing each one for a few days until she graduates to the job of foraging, and that’s the job she’ll hold until she dies. Every bee is, therefore, multifaceted.
I know we can’t expect human society to work that way, but sometimes, I have to think it might be nice.
Why am I thinking this way? Well, not to belabor a point, but I’ve been experiencing a certain structural problem in my innards. Monday I went to my regular family doctor--someone I don’t visit very often because I’m amazingly healthy. But everyday life has become extremely uncomfortable for me, and I figured it was time to do something about it.
“You need to see a urologist,” he said, based on what I told him of what I was experiencing. So he recommended someone, I called, and they said, “We can get you in tomorrow morning at 9:45.”
Tuesday I went to the urologist -- a very decent guy who has the kind of job everyone jokes about, but I was grateful for his patience and gentleness. He explained every step of the way. Finally he told me that I was mistaken. The problem was not what I had thought it was. Everything was fine in my insides as far as his field of expertise went. My problem wasn’t related to urology. I needed to see a gynecologist.
He recommended one, I called, and made an appointment for next week on the 10th.
I’m genuinely hoping that this is the last doc I’ll need to see about getting this problem taken care of. Either that or I need to sprout bee-wings so I never have to sit down again.

On the other hand, if I need someone's expertise, I'm really glad it's available.
And, while I’m thinking of happy thoughts:
H a p y
 i r t h d a 
  i  d e n !
BEEattitude for Day #540:
       Blessed are those who take the time to be gentle, for they shall be appreciated.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

Hopefully all will be well on the 10th after the 'gynie' visit. Good thoughts and positive vibes as always coming your way! Glad we don't live in Dallas after those horrible storms yesterday - we've been having our fair share of rain but nothing like that!

Fran Stewart said...

Thanks you for your good thoughts, Petie.

And my first thought when I heard about the Dallas tornado was, "Thank goodness Petie isn't near there.

Can you tell I don't know a lot of people in Texas?

AggiePete said...

Believe me if bad weather hits up near Dallas, about 3 hours later we get it. This entire week we are under a 'watch' for severe weather which for Houston is hail and flooding - very few 'twisters' come through here except naturally Hurricane Ike which took our roof & carport and then lifted & missed our neighbors completely! I know now how '3 men in a tub' must have looked - all us Oggs, 2 dogs & 8 cats in the bathroom together!

Fran Stewart said...

Did you count noses (or legs???) to be sure everyone was in there?

AggiePete said...

I can't stop laughing!!! That's just about how we did it !! Have a good evening - see you tomorrow!