Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day #547 Iris and Docs

Tuesday was the third doctor’s appointment I’ve had in 8 days. At all three places, one or two people said, “Do you really not take any medications?”
When I said, “That’s right! I don’t!” they asked if I knew how unusual I was. I felt like a dinosaur -- but a very healthy dinosaur.
I’m kinda pooped after that third appointment. It wasn’t that awful; I was simply carrying around some tension about the whole process.
Not something I was to talk about in a public forum like this. Suffice it to say I’ll be having surgery in a couple of months. When the doc said I couldn’t lift anything for four to six weeks after the surgery, my reply was, “Then the surgery has to wait until I’m finished with the Gwinnett Citizen Fire Academy.”
There’s no way I’m going to miss getting into all that gear and going through the fire simulations. 
In the meantime, enjoy this iris from my front yard:
BEEattitude for Day #547:
       Blessed are those who like to eat honey comb, for they shall BEE healthy indeed.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

The iris is beautiful. The bluebonnets here have been in full bloom and it's always a sure sign of springtime. And we're already looking ahead after the 'snip snip' for a full & complete recovery. And knowing you as I have over this short period of time the 'not lifting stuff' will be the biggest challenge for you!

Fran Stewart said...

You're right. I'll wanna get out and DO stuff.