Monday, April 30, 2012

Day #566 Bee Report !

I just heard from Rob Alexander, the man who is caring for my bees. He said he plans to start drawing honey around the first of June. So -- you and I have something to look forward to:
  • I get to figure out how to handle fresh honey, and
  • You get to read about it!
Hope that surgery schedule doesn’t interfere with my honey collection ...
I guess my bees are doing pretty well, which is good to know. I was looking out at the back deck yesterday -- actually, I look out there every day -- and stood there wondering how my bees are getting through this wonderful nectar season.
Then, just as I was getting misty-eyed, a sweet little honeybee flew past the window, right at my eye level, and I felt darn good.
I know all the bees that were here in my hives and then were moved elsewhere have lived through their life-cycle, but I’d like to hope that a little bit of Harbour House lives on in their descendants -- the ones who are making the honey that will end up back here at Harbour House.
BEEattitude for Day #566:
       Blessed are those who truly care for us honeybees, for we shall surprise them occasionally with a flyby when it's least expected.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

I'll bet that little fuzzie that flew by was one that was coming back by to say Howdy! Just like one of my my kittehs here at the office - Spooky - that was gone for a few months and came back last Thursday for breakfast and has been back here ever since - all God's creatures know 'home' and will eventually come back where they were loved & appreciated! I'm anxious to see how the honey is collected.

Fran Stewart said...

I hope I'm around for the honey collection. Depending on when the surgery is, I may have to have someone else take pictures.