Monday, April 23, 2012

Day #559 Starting a Raised Garden

Home Depot had a raised-bed garden kit on sale a few days ago.
Do you know how little room there is for a 4-foot square garden in my yard? Oh, there’s plenty of room, but before I can use it, I have to rip out the EXTREMELY effective ground cover that I started eight years ago, when I thought I wouldn't want to mow much grass.
This morning I tackled an area right beside the front walk, in front of the birdbath and just downhill from the safflower-seed feeder. After an hour, this is what I had. Pretty pathetic, isn’t it? Those are four-foot-long boards, by the way.
The other side of the path, the side with the Vinca major, looks great, 

particularly the end that has the honeysuckle blooming in it.
But it may be a while before I can get the wild strawberry and vinca minor pulled out. Wonder if it’ll be too late to plant anything by the time I do???
BEEattitude for Day #559:
       Blessed are those who plan ahead, for they shall find the road easier. maybe.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

New gardens are so exciting! Our back yard (and really the front as well) are virtually empty. I'm wanting to start strawberries and some veggies but have to arrange to keep Mattie & Sheldon (our 2 canine kids) out. And love the honeysuckle! I remember those as a kid along with the blackberries in my grandmother's backyard a couple of blocks from our house.

Fran Stewart said...

What good memories!

Give the pups a pat for me...