Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day #562 Two Announcements


Just in case you’re interested, here’s a blurb about a writers workshop I’ll be teaching next week at the Harris Arts Center in Calhoun, GA

Mystery Writer's Workshop & Book Signing With Fran Stewart, May 5

Fran will be signing her new book from the Biscuit McKee series entitled Violet As An Amethyst and then will have a Q & A session from 10 am until 12 noon.

Mystery Writing Workshop 2:00 - 5:30 / $40
Join Fran Stewart as she teaches you how to polish your prose using colanders, stinky feet (not real ones), and avalanches as learning tools. This light-hearted interactive workshop is, in essence, a masters class for writers. 

Fran will focus on one of the biggest problems that haunt most writers—how to make characters come alive. Using her writer’s workbook, From the Tip of My Pen—a compilation of six years of monthly essays she wrote for the Atlanta Writers Club—Fran will lead you through easy-to-follow steps for writing effective dialogue and building dynamic characters.

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And then there’s the not-so-happy news. I’ve decided I need to drop out of the Citizens Fire Academy for now. I hope, after I have the surgery this summer, I’ll gain a lot more energy and be able to pick up the last seven classes the next time around.
For now, though, I feel like I’m carrying around an anchor. As much as I’ve enjoyed the classes, my body simply isn’t cooperating.

Happy Birthday, Savannah!

BEEattitude for Day #562:
       Blessed are those who fly as well as they can for as long as they can, for they shall find wonderful nectar.
       Blessed are they, also, who know their limits, for they shall  find their nectar close to home. 
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

The workshop sounds like a great experience and fun at the same time. And I'm sorry you have to drop out of your fire academy - I know you enjoyed the heck out of it but it was hard work and like you said after your surgery you can get back into the old "hose & ladder" again.
Oh, and the Houston Daisy sends 'purrs' to her GA gal-pals!

Fran Stewart said...

And a big hello-purr right back to the Houston Daisy from Atlanta.