Friday, April 27, 2012

Day #563 Polly and the Honeybee

It was hard, turning in all my Citizen Fire Academy turn-out gear last night. I gave everyone in the class a copy of one of my mass-market paperbacks -- I had some promotional copies left over from the ones sent to me by World Wide Mystery. I’m not allowed to sell them, so I figured giving them to the class and the instructors would be a good idea.
A few days ago, Miss Polly settled in my lap and put her head under my hand. For sixteen years, e's know how to get a good scratch from a good scratcher when she sees one! My phone was sitting beside me so, one-handed, I managed this picture.

She spotted a honeybee on the outside of the picture window yesterday and spent several minutes watching it crawl around. The belly-side view is fascinating. I watched it with her. Wish I’d taken a picture, but this one from a previous blogpost will have to suffice.

I'm gonna miss her when she's gone. 
BEEattitude for Day #563:
       Blessed are those who take the time to SEE what they’re looking at, for they shall have wonders unfold before them.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

God love her - she's beautiful and such a love. Please give her a pat from her Auntie Pete. And I guess a love pat to Daisy as well! I am SO ready for this week-end ... seems like this week was a month long! Have a wonderful week-end .... hugs

Fran Stewart said...

Pats delivered as requested!