Friday, April 6, 2012

Day #542 The Principal's Palette

This post has nothing to do with bees.
The first Thursday of each month is a special time at The Principal’s Palette Gallery, a gift shop, art store, and hand-craft haven in Winder GA. On that day each month, proprietor Lynn Hammond invites local (and sometimes not so local) artists, crafters, or writers to showcase their work.
I was there talking about my books last night, and had great fun meeting people. Debra Gilstrap was there, too, showing her hand-crafted, jeweled eggs, in perfect time for Easter.
And, as always at my book signings, I had with me some copies of my sister’s book Depression Visible: the Ragged Edge. You just never know when the subject will come up. When it does, I don’t particularly care whether or not I sell any of my own books if there’s a chance to give the hope that there is someone who understands.
If you haven’t checked out the Diana Alishouse website, you might want to give it a try. You might not need it yourself, but someone you know might truly appreciate finding out about it.
There is hope. There is help available. But for that to happen, the depression needs to be visible, to be recognized. Diana’s book can help.
BEEattitude for Day #542: 
       Blessed are those who plant native shrubs, flowers, and trees, for they shall help to promote local honey production.
The teeny details:
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