Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day #554 My Office is a Dump

I’m almost ashamed to put this in writing -- my office is a dump.
A number of months ago I had some people coming to my house for one of those jewelry shows. It was a fund raiser for the Gwinnett Choral Guild, which is the only reason I agreed to do it. In the course of cleaning up so I could make twelve women feel welcome, I collected a ghastly assorted of notebooks, pieces of paper, mail that wasn’t immediately important, books, to-do lists…
I set them down on the floor of my office (since the tables were all -- blush, blush -- full). Then I closed the door and had a great party.
I booked another one. It was still benefitting the Choral Guild, after all.
This time--I don’t know where it all came from--there were more of all the above categories, plus a few new ones. Boxes of the mass market paperbacks of my books that came from World Wide Mystery (my m.m.p. publisher), more mail, some CDs, chargers for various electronic devices, plant lists, old beekeeper magazines.
Upstairs to my office. Put them on the floor next to the last stack.
After a while it was easier just to treat that room like a storage shed.
It’s a dump. Once the jewelry shows were finished, I moved my computer down to the dining room. After all, this is where the bay window is, so I can work looking out at the woods behind the house.
I know there are probably some very important pieces of paper under those stacks. I’m sure of it. Can I find them, though? Nope. Might as well just pack everything in a few sturdy boxes and put them in the recycling bin.
Actually, my office is not a dump. The upstairs storage shed is a dump. My office, here with the birds flitting through the trees outside the bay window, is sheer heaven.
BEEattitude for Day #554:
       Blessed are those who make the most of the situation they’re in, for they shall find nectar there somewhere.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

Sounds a tad like my house. Was looking this week-end for our rental agreement (our beloved landlady passed away Saturday morning quite unexpectedly) and couldn't find it anywhere! But found stuff that was ancient - greeting cards, receipts, you know the drill. Billy & I filled one large garbage can and am in the process of clearing out more. And you know as you soon as you throw it all away, it will dawn on you "hey, I needed that"! P.S. Still haven't found the rental agreement. Pray her sons allow us to stay and just continue to pay the rent to her dear husband. Sure will miss Wilma - nice lady and good friend.

Fran Stewart said...

Petie - I'm so sorry you lost such a dear friend. And I'll see you finding that rental agreement easily -- and soon.