Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day #555 A One-Year Retrospective

A year ago I was in the middle of my first week with my bees. I still remember the excitement as I walked outside with a cup of tea each morning and sat beside the hives listening to the buzzing.
It was a precious time for me, maybe even more so in retrospect, as I now know that I can’t have the bees there, that close to me. I’ve been re-reading my journal entries from last April, and I feel a lot like Emily Webb in Our Town. “Don’t they even notice?” she wailed (or something like that -- I’m remembering, not quoting exactly).
And no, I guess I didn’t notice as much as I would have if I’d known I’d have those bees only a few short months. I loved them -- but I would have loved them better if I’d known how soon they’d be gone.
I’m going to take a good look at my life. What are the things (or the people) I don’t appreciate enough? What if they were gone tomorrow?
BEEattitude for Day #555:
       Blessed are those who pay attention, for they shall not miss out on the sweetness.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

Great message this morning - we are not guaranteed tomorrow and should be thankful for every day we wake up and tell those around us how much we love & appreciate them. Dear friend, you are truly loved & appreciated by more than you realize. Your words have been a blessing to so many - I know it's the first thing I do after I get up, dressed, and turn on the computer - "what's Fran doing today"? Thank you for 'bee-ing you'!

Fran Stewart said...

oh, Petie, thank you so much for your kind words. I know there are many people who read my blog, but you're the one who most often takes the time to write a comment. I know it takes time from your busy day -- and I appreciate that you take that time.

Thank you for all your encouragement.

AggiePete said...

Listen, I know it hasn't been easy to write daily entries with your schedule but it's like, for the moment, we sit down for coffee or tea and catch up so to speak. I'll miss it when it's done.

Fran Stewart said...

Me, too, I think.

Megan said...

No, no, AggiePete and Fran it's never going to be done,don't say that! I know that Fran will think of some other activity the rest of us are too lazy or frightened to do and blog about that -maybe mud wrestling or ghost hunting - you choose Fran,go out there and see what you can find,just like the bees do.Good Luck!

Fran Stewart said...

Megan - you're such a hoot. Maybe I will take up mud wrestling (HA!). But I'll have to change the title of my blog, don;t you think?

Actually, I'm facing surgery sometime this summer, with a relatively long recovery period, and I don't know if I'll be able to maintain a daily blog.

There's a lot to consider coming up on these last 50 days of my blog commitment.