Friday, May 13, 2011

Day #213 Libraries and Useless Hive Inspections

Library Staff Picks

Close up of top shelf!
This paragraph has nothing to do with bees, but I simply have to share a magical moment. On Thursday I walked into the library and was stopped in my tracks when I saw INDIGO AS AN IRIS on the special shelf of “Staff Picks.” None of my books has ever been there before, at least not in my local Collins Hill Branch. I wanted to whoop and holler, but restrained myself. Instead, I turned to a woman walking nearby and said, “Can I tell you something wonderful?” From her startled expression, I think she might have feared I was going to try to sell her something. A few minutes later, though, I saw her at the checkout counter with ORANGE AS MARMALADE! Now that I have that bluetoothy thing, I can show you the (somewhat fuzzy) pictures I took.

Now – to the bees. I went into the hives (after the library jaunt), and then realized it’s only been three days since I put the 2nd floor on the yellow hive. They’ve started drawing some comb, but I think it’s too early to expect much.

I’m going to leave the hives alone for a solid two weeks before I go in there again. No need to disturb them just because I want some assurance.

I hereby declare that all is well in the hives.

So there! I'm glad that's decided.

BEEattitude for Day # 213:
       Blessed are those who leave us “bee,” for we bees shall respond with happy buzzing to delight their ears.

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