Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day #228 Six Weeks and the Splendid Table

I spent some time yesterday idly looking through my Daytimer. Yes, I keep my schedule on paper. It never runs out of batteries and never has to be plugged in. As I was browsing around, I did some counting. Sunday the 29th will mark the beginning of the seventh week of bees on my back deck.

That means ALL the little worker bees I installed a month and a half ago have reached the end of their 6-week life expectancy. What I’m looking at outside my bay window right now is a whole new crop of bees.

There’s not a one of them (except the queen) who remembers the long trip from the bee farm. They don’t recall the mistakes I made when I was installing them. They have no idea I was the one who forgot to take the cork out of the queen cage.

What a relief. This is like getting a chance to start over again. Clean slate. New file folder. Next assignment.

Saturday at noon I listened to one of my favorite shows on public radio – The Splendid Table – as they interviewed a beekeeper. We could all hear the bees buzzing in the background. I hope you had a chance to hear it. If not, go to and check out the May 28th show.

As I listened, I felt a sense of accomplishment that matched or exceeded almost anything I’ve ever done in this lifetime. I’m a backyard beekeeper. A member of a select society of people who care enough about this world to do something about it. Eventually, my bees will contribute their honey to my very own splendid table.

Life is good.

BEEattitude for Day # 229:
       Blessed are those who tell others about us bees, for they shall be lauded for transferring wisdom.

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