Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day #231 Yard Bees!

Okay, folks, I’m really excited about this—

I went out to check the mail and found honey bees and bumble bees on the bright orange Aesclepias flowers (better known as Butterfly Weed). Here are some of the pics I snapped with my old Nokia phone.

This first picture shows a big old Bumble Bee near some little bitty Honey Bees, so you can see the relative sizes.

I'm amazed at how hard they all work to collect nectar. I watched them for quite a while, going from one teeny floret to another, covering them all. And I imagine tomorrow they'll be back again to pull out the newly-produced nectar.

And then there was a single honey bee on the biggest thistle flower. I suppose the flower looks huge in this photo, but it's really just under 3 inches across.

I know I didn’t plant the thistle. But I left it there beside my driveway hoping the bees would benefit. In this picture, you can see her struggling to plow her way through the thick flower. I hope the nectar she collected was worth all the effort.

BEEattitude for Day # 231:
       Blessed are those who plant flowers, for their lives shall be bright.

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AggiePete said...

What bee-u-tiful bees and thistles! Great photos!

Fran Stewart said...

Thanks, Petie! There will be more photos coming as different things come into bloom!