Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day #228 Equipment Woes

I’m beginning to get an inkling of what I’ve gotten myself into.

Today I unpacked the Honey Filtering System I bought from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. I now am the proud owner of:

·         A food-grade white plastic 5-gallon bucket
·         Another just like it, except that it has a hole in the side of it
·         A honey gate (fancy name for a valve) to screw into the hole
·         Three strainers—200, 400, and 600-grade (coarse, medium, and fine-mesh)
·         A pail holder, a heavy contraption to stick over the rim of one of the pails so I can balance the other pail at an angle to drain the honey out.
·         And a screw-on lid to make it easier to get the 5-gallon bucket open when it’s filled with 60 pounds of honey.

The trouble is, if I put the strainers over the bottom bucket, I can’t put the pail holder on the edge without piercing the mesh (not a recommended idea). Do I need another bucket?

And I started to wash out the buckets – but I don’t have a sink deep enough to hold them. Do I clean them in the bathtub?

No wonder beekeepers build honey houses to hold all their equipment.


BEEattitude for Day # 228:
       Blessed are those who ask questions when they need to, for they shall figure out how to deal with all the honey we will produce.

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