Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day #218 Good Grief!

Good grief! I’ve spent hours trying to correct the mess I bought when I got that nuc from a company I will no longer name online. It’s not just my opinion. The experienced beekeeper who came to help me figure out what was going said that nuc of mine was the sorriest excuse of a nucleus hive he’d ever seen.

A nuc is supposed to have five almost full working frames. Mine had two and a half. And there was a container of roach bait in the bottom. For somebody who wants to do natural beekeeping, this was a setback.

I’m going to make this work, though. Tuesday afternoon I cut out the solid bottom of that nuc box. I’d already cleaned the box as thoroughly as I could, but I went ahead and sanded everything down, and then stapled a screen bottom on it. Whenever the weather’s good enough, I’m going to take whatever the bees have created out of the brown (short) box I’d transferred them into, and I’ll put them into this clean, screened-bottom box. Then I’ll have to pry the screening off the bottom of the brown box and add the brown box to the top of the white one, so I’ll finally have two layers, with the deeper one on the bottom.

This means that the white hive, which became the brown hive, will soon be the white and brown hive. I hope you can keep up with this, because I’m getting confused!

BEEattitude for Day # 218:
       Blessed are those who take things one step at a time (the way we bees do), for they shall ultimately succeed.

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