Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day #235 Honey's Not the Only Sweetest Thing

Honey is gradually becoming the major source of food sweetness in my life, as I’m trying very hard to eliminate sugar as much as possible, although fudge and molasses cookies are, I must admit, hard for me to avoid. I tried making pumpkin bread (which is really more like cake than bread) using honey, but the result was dismal. Obviously I need some help on how to do the substitution.

A footnote to this: I absolutely refuse to eat anything with aspartame in it. All those addictive diet sodas are slowly killing people who think they’re doing themselves good by drinking them. Twenty years ago a chiropractor told me that aspartame helped cause brain tumors. I believe it.

Enough of my soapbox tirade.

I’m still munching away at the piece of comb honey I snatched the other day, and it is sweet, indeed! Food is not the only source of sweetness, though, as evidenced by the craze that’s running around the internet nowadays for “the most irresistibly sweet blog.”

I’ve made the list. Nanette Littlestone, who does double duty as both my editor and my friend, chose my blog as one of two that she deems “irresistibly sweet.” I’d encourage you to check her out. Whether you need an editor or simply words of inspiration, here’s the site to see:

It’s a honey of a blog!

p.s. Be sure to read her list of random facts.

BEEattitude for Day # 235:
       Blessed are those who see sweetness wherever they look, for they shall be nourished by life itself.

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