Monday, June 6, 2011

Day #237 Bees Can't Swim

I’ve been thinking about swimming lately. It started when I began to wonder if bees could swim. I’m pretty sure the answer is NO.

Every morning I take my tea kettle out to the back deck and refresh the little bird-bath bee-watering-place that you can see in this picture. As you can tell, I put lots of rocks and a few water-plants in it, so the bees could crawl out easily if they fell in. Hopefully, though, they’ll continue to perch on the edge and take teeny sips. I wouldn’t want my girls to drown.

Speaking of drowning, I’ve spent all my life thinking all the wrong things about what drowning looks like, but recently a writer colleague posted a link on the Sisters in Crime site. Do you know what the symptoms of drowning are? If a friend or a child near you begins to drown, would you recognize it?

I thought I would, but I read the article just out of curiosity.

I was absolutely wrong. I urge you to read this and/or send it to friends and family members who live near the water, whether it’s a lake, the sea, or a pool.

You just might save a life.

BEEattitude for Day # 237:
       Blessed are those who teach, for they shall have purpose in life.

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