Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day #243 Squash Casserole and Beehives

Rob Alexander, one of the leaders of the Gwinnett Beekeepers Club, outdid himself Saturday. Oh, I’m sure he had some help – people who helped haul coolers and food, plates and utensils – but while all of us sat around the pavilion at Rancho Alegre (the wonderful home of and ate ourselves silly, Rob cooked hamburgers, and hotdogs, and bratwurst. My friend Geri and I left before the end, but I imagine he did a great deal of the clean-up afterwards, too.

You get a
Blue Ribbon!

It was a good ole American picnic, with baked beans and potato salad, brownies and fudge, squash casserole (my personal favorite of the afternoon) and coconut cake. Not too many ants. Lots of beehives.

Beehives? At a picnic?

Well, not right there in the pavilion. To check the hives, we had to walk across the field. More than a dozen people at a time gathered around a line of hives, asking questions of Tommy Bailey (the other club leader), and learning a lot.

That’s what beekeeping is all about – learning.

BEEattitude for Day # 243:
       Blessed are those who enjoy good conversation as they eat, for they shall have true nourishment.

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Geri said...

Fran, you're absolutely right, it was a great picnic. It's always pleasant to see our fellow club members and catch up, and the addition of those good 'eatables' and not-too-hot weather gave us a perfect day.

I had wanted some of Rob's honey ever since we did the display at Whole Foods and, happily, he brought it yesterday. Yum! I started a regimen of honey and apple cider vinegar this morning. If anything dramatic happens I'll share the results with y'all.


Fran Stewart said...

Drink your honey and apple cider vinegar NOT because it's good for you, but rather because it's GOOD.