Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day #253 It's Raining Thistle Seeds in the Living Room!

Remember blowing dandelion seeds all across the lawn when you were a kid?

I certainly have enough dandelions in my yard for both the bees (when the yellow flowers bloom) and the grandchildren (when the seed heads form).

But this year, as I’ve told you, I’ve had some thistle plants crop up in convenient places (i.e. NOT where I walk). Check back through the blog entries for pictures of the bright purple blossoms (Day 226--May 26th and Day #231--May 31st) if you missed them the first time.

As the blossoms go to seed, I bring the stalks inside. Naturally, as they dry out, they pop open. That was a real winner when the grandkids were here last week. They pulled seeds out of the thistle heads, collected them in plastic containers, and . . .








Despite the fact that we’d spread a sheet over the rug,

those seeds went everywhere.

(c) 2011 Fran Stewart
(c) 2011 Fran Stewart

They looked like stars in the sunlight slanting through the skylights.

And look at them here on Savannah and Aiden’s hair!

BEEattitude for Day # 253:
       Blessed are the Grannies, for they shall open brave worlds for their grandchildren.

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