Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day #236 Canadians and the Olympics

I’ve had people ask me where I can possibly get my news, since I don’t have a TV set. I think that question says more about the asker than it does about me.

But I’ll answer it anyway. I read the paper, I listen to Public Radio, and I get daily links to headlines from the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

I’ve been partial to Canadian news ever since I listened to the Olympics on a Canadian radio station thirty-some-odd years ago when I lived in Vermont. While the Americans were busy bemoaning any loss of a gold medal,

                        Bronze? What a disappointment.
                        Silver? If only he’d run a little faster. What a shame.

the Canadians cheered all their competitors.
                        Bronze? Wonderful! What an accomplishment!
                        Silver? Our Canadian team worked hard for that.

Gold medals were cheered, too, of course, but the whole Canadian team seemed like winners to me—because I absorbed the enthusiasm of those Canadian announcers.

I’ve stayed true to Canadian news for all these years. Now I’m going to transfer their ideals to my bee hives:
                        Yellow Hive – Hooray!
                        White Hive – You’re doing great!

BEEattitude for Day #236:
       Blessed are those who encourage others, for they shall thereby give courage to themselves.

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