Friday, June 24, 2011

Day #255 Monster Alert!

Remember the picture of the lovely little birdbath I set up for the bees? I filled it with rocks so they’d have an easy way to get to the water.

Now, do you also remember I said I’d put in a rain barrel two weeks ago?

Well, it turns out the rain barrel LEAKS, right across my driveway. For the past week I haven’t seen a single bee at the birdbath, but they are ecstatic about the puddles in the drive. “Water! Water!” I can practically hear them singing as they zoom around.

The trouble is – now when I back out of my garage, I worry that I might run over some bees. Maybe I could put up a sign . . .

BEWARE: Big Metal Monster!

If you see it, fly away until it leaves!

How would that translate into BEEnglish?

BEEattitude for Day # 255:
       Blessed are those who drive carefully, for they shall save their own lives, as well as ours.
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