Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day #327 Hummingbird Heaven

Sure I put out sugar water for the hummingbirds, but I really enjoy having flowers they can drink from, too

A couple of days ago I took these two photos with my funny little Nokia phone camera, so you could see the flowering vines that wind up and around my front porch. I love the feathery leaves, and am absolutely amazed that these vines are flowering enthusiastically while everything else in the yard is gasping for water.

The white flowers are from the pokeweed. Yes, I suppose it is a weed, but the birds like the purply-blue fruit it produces. Thoreau said something about a weed being a plant whose purpose hasn’t yet been determined, and I agree with him, although I tend to think that weeds are highly successful plants that will grow where hothouse varieties won’t..

The really grainy-looking photo was taken through my front screen door. When I moved into this house seven years ago, I replaced all the screening with a heavy-duty pet screen, so the cats couldn’t accidentally fall out the windows if they leaned against the screens. Unfortunately, pet screen is pretty obvious in a picture.

There WAS a hummingbird there when I whipped out the camera, but of course he flitted off before I pushed the button. Oh well. I’m sure you can imagine him hovering there, sipping away.

BEEattitude for Day #327: Blessed are they who live and let live, for they shall find surprises all around them.


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