Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day #340 WAG

If you missed the open house at WAG’s new office yesterday evening, you missed a good time indeed.

Lots of people showed up to see the little house, to eat yummy food, and to hear a reading from Violet as an Amethyst. I read the scene where Glaze and Biscuit see the lost dog for the first time and talked about how I could change it depending on which dog won the drawing.

Of course, people were showing me pictures of their dogs right and left. “This dog would be the best, don’t you think?” I had to spread my hands in an “it’s not up to me” gesture. Naturally, I’d like it all the dogs could win.

WAG (Walton Animal Guild) rescues animals from the county shelter and finds homes for them, primarily through showing them at the Logansville PetSmart. It was a day without too much bee activity in my life. I was centered on dogs and my books.

Here’s the page on their website where they talk about the drawing – and you can donate there, too.

BUT – before I drove all the way top Loganville, I had to be sure my bees had food, so I dressed up in my Michelin Man outfit – four heavy layers everywhere, including the toaster cover over my head under the bee veil. I took this picture of my reflection in the sliding glass door. You can just see the toaster cover behind the screen of the bee veil.

Quit laughing. Oh, what the heck, go ahead. I’m laughing right along with you.

BEEattitude for Day # 341:
       Blessed are those who don't mind looking foolish, for they shall find themselves in all sorts of adventures. 

Green as a Garden Hose, the 3rd Biscuit McKee Mystery,
is now available in mass market paperback
from World Wide Mystery, a division of Harlequin.
(Go to and search for Fran Stewart)

All the Biscuit McKee mysteries are available as eBooks, too!

There’s still time
to get your dog in my next book!
From now through the end of September, anyone who donates $10 to WAG, also known as the Walton Animal Guild, will be automatically entered in a drawing.
If you win, your dog will be in my next Biscuit McKee mystery!
The donate button is right on their home page
Every $10 donation is automatically entered in the drawing
See Blog #324 for the details.

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