Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day #351 Great Big Spider

A great big elegant spider of an unknown species (unknown to me, that is) has taken up her residence outside my bay window. Her body is wider than my thumb (and I have fat thumbs!).  I took these two pictures of her against the reflections from the window. This first picture shows her size. The second (fuzzy) one shows her legs. The orange in the background comes from the early morning lights inside as the spider ran toward the side of her web.

The other day, she ate one of my bees.

I have to admit, I was a bit ticked off at her. I rather like spiders. They eat lots of bugs. In fact, I imported some daddy longlegs a while back so they could eat up the itsy-bitsy ants that had invaded my kitchen.

But eating one of my bees was going too far. She wrapped the hapless bee in a graceful silken sack and hovered over it for quite some time. I think she was sucking out all the juices. Yuck!

Today, though, she’s back to eating mosquitoes and aphids. Hope she stays away from the bees from now on.

I’ve decided to assume that the bee she ate was at the end of its 6-week life cycle. That’s recycling at its best.

BEEattitude for Day # 351:
       Blessed are those who recycle, for they shall have a cleaner world. (But we bees wish they wouldn’t recycle us too early!)

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