Friday, September 30, 2011

Day #353 Goodbye to Another Favorite

This seems to be the week for dying. First a bee, then Wangari Maathai, and now one of my favorite stores.

I found Grains-n-More through Rancho Alegre, the place where I buy goat milk, meat, fresh produce, all of it organic and delicious. Rancho’s program is called Gwinnett Locally Grown. Grains-n-More  was one of the locally-owned businesses that distributed products through Rancho Alegre.

I bragged about Grains-n-More on Day # 282. That’s where I bought my wonderful Teecino, which brightens my tea cup every morning (and afternoon and evening) with its perky –and non-caffeinated – taste. And coconut oil. Vanilla beans. Steel-cut oatmeal. All of it organic and wholesome.

Several days ago I received a call from Dan, the owner, telling me that they couldn’t fill my latest order for two more bags of Teecino, because they’d had to close down. Not enough orders to avoid the steadily-increasing shipping costs from his suppliers, costs that he couldn’t pass on to his customers.

For bees, the cost of doing business is reflected in the high early-mortality rate when they are subjected to herbicides and pesticides.  At least Dan and his wife still have life. They’re bright and intelligent, and I have no doubt that they will get through this rough time.  They’ll figure out what to do to make it.

Bees don’t have that option. They gather nectar, trusting that it will be good, not knowing that some ill-informed soul, in quest of the perfect lawn, has sprayed Round-Up on stray weeds (which just happen to be blooming, inviting bees for a sip).

BEEattitude for Day # 353:
       Blessed are those who support local businesses by buying from them regularly, for they shall find open doors wherever they go.

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