Monday, September 19, 2011

Day #342 No More Night Netflix

I’ve made a decision. From now on, when I watch a Netflizx movie, it’s going to be when it’s light outside. Thank goodness I don’t have a 9 to 5 job! I’d hate to miss my movies.

Why am I doing this? I thought you’d never ask.

Yesterday evening, in the middle of Les Choristes/The Chorus, a delightful French film (with English subtitles, of course), I had two interruptions. The first one was great fun—a neighbor to whom I’d loaned Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander stopped by to return it and to tell me that she’d stayed up till 4 a.m. finishing it. A person after my own heart!

The next interruption, though, was not appreciated. Another bee got through my sliding glass door somehow or other. I think there must be a teeny hole down at the bottom where the door rests on the metal slider-thing. I stuffed in a piece of paper towel just in case as a temporary stop-gap measure, hit the pause button with my mouse, and scooted to the kitchen to grab the plastic container I use for trapping bees inside the house.

By the time I got back to the family room, the bee was not only NOT on the sliding glass door where had been, but she was NOT buzzing. A quiet bee is a bee that can easily be sat on or stepped on or brushed against. With this bee-sting allergy I’ve developed, I can no longer afford a casual encounter like that.

I kept the container in my hand, checked out my chair VERY CAREFULLY, and resumed the movie, ears attuned to any faint buzzing sounds. Just as the action was escalating in The Chorus, there went the bee, buzzling away inside the ceiling light fixture.

I managed to corral her and get her outside without any problems, but I’m faced with this problem of bees at night, attracted to the light from my family room shining through the curtain on the slider. If another one finds the hole (wherever it is), I might not be so fortunate next time. The last thing I want is to sit on a bee!

So—the logical conclusion is that I keep the light in that room turned off at night. This isn’t a problem, since the room is relatively unused -- except for my old Netflix movies!!!!! I can’t give them up!!!!! Not having a TV set, or anything even vaguely appraoching a home entertainment center, I put on old, outdated computer off to one side in the family room, and use it to play the DVDs once a week or so.

From now on, I plan to switch writing in the morning and watching a movie at night. Not a big deal.

And if it keeps the bees outside where they belong, it’s a darn good solution, wouldn’t you say?

BEEattitude for Day # 343:
       Blessed are those who help keep us bees from getting confused, for they shall learn how to adapt happily to an ever-changing environment.

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