Friday, September 16, 2011

Beekeeping at the Fair

The Gwinnett County Fair started Thursday, and a whole slew of folks from our beekeepers club were there to talk to folks about the value of bees. We sold some honey, and I had great fun explaining why the honey came in three different shades. The lightest in color came from the sourwood trees. Then we had a medium-toned wildflower honey. The one I’ll be buying when I work there next week is the dark, luscious sumac honey.

Then there were the booths just down the aisle from us. Tempting! Geri and I each bought a hat at one booth and a purse at another one. But then we went right back to talk about the bees.

It was fun watching children try to find the queen bee in the two observation hives. Sure, the queens each had a white dot of paint on their backs, but even more than that, you could see the circle of “attendant bees” cleaning them, feeding them, massaging their long backs. The women who were watching invariably said, "I wish I were a queen bee,” UNTIL I told them that the queen never leaves the hive and has to lay up to 2,500 eggs every day all spring and summer.

So, come on over and see us at the fair!

By the way, if you’re in the Loganville GA area, head down to the open house for Walton Animal Guild I’ll be there from 4 to 8 today (Friday).
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BEEattitude for Day # 340:
       Blessed are those who explore new options, for they shall be endlessly entertained.

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