Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day #329 Water - Saving

Bees are very aware of water.
·         They need to drink a lot of it
·         They have to evaporate a great deal of it from the nectar to form honey
·         They have to avoid flying in it

I’m aware of water, too. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my new bathroom faucet. The good folks at Keep Smiling Plumbing put it in several weeks ago to replace a leaky, yucky iron-deposit-laden mess.

My new faucet even has a name. “Eva.” I didn’t name it. I think I mentioned a while back that the people who manufacture these Moen faucets name all their plumbing fixtures.
Well, why not? I named my car EllieBug, and the faucet is about the same color as the car (although without the yellow polka dots).

It was hard to turn the old faucet on, and even harder to turn it off. In the middle of this drought that Georgia is experiencing, a leaky faucet is downright irresponsible. Of course, most Americans use WAY too much water. Think about it next time you’re getting ready to turn in for the night.
·         Why do we leave the water running (down the drain and into the sewer or septic tank) while we’re brushing our teeth?
·         Sometimes it’s because the doggone faucet is too hard to turn off. But now, I don’t ever have to worry about that again.

And all because of Eva . . . They oughta write a song . . .

BEEattitude for Day # 329:
       Blessed are those who use water wisely and who make sure we bees have some to drink, for they shall eventually get lots of honey.

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