Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day #343 On Hold for Now

Once when I was traveling back to Atlanta after visiting my sister in Colorado, our plane ended up stuck in between a snow storm behind us and an ice storm ahead of us.

Nobody was taking off, and nobody was landing; we couldn’t go forward, and we couldn’t turn back; which meant – there we were circling around. I don’t know about the pilot, but I was truly hoping we wouldn’t run out of gas.

And now, I feel like I’m in another holding pattern. The bees are doing just great, going about their bee-ly duties. I’m the one who’s running around in circles.

I spoke with Rob Alexander a few days ago. He’s the one who handles the bees at Rancho Alegré, so he’s the one who will end up caring for my bees once they’re off my deck.  Rob runs 8-frame hives, and mine (as you well know) are 5-frames. So Rob said he’d switch my bees around and organize them into 8-frame units.

Will the bees like that? I dunno.

Bees are fairly adaptable, but this late in the season, they won’t have a lot of time before winter to store up honey reserves.

Are my bees going to be okay? I certainly hope so.

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I’m just circling, waiting for the Gwinnett County Fair to end so Rob will have time to pick up my bee hives. Hope I don’t run out of gas…

BEEattitude for Day # 343:
       Blessed are those who invent new words (like bee-ly), for they shall at least have a good laugh.

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