Monday, September 12, 2011

Day #334 Sad News

As you may know, I usually schedule these daily posts to show up at a minute or so after midnight, Eastern time.

I didn’t make it today, simply because I couldn’t write this last night.

I have to give up my bees, and I feel so very sad about this.

The reactions I’ve had to the bee stings I’ve received over the past few months have—as I’m sure you can see if you read this blog regularly—become more and more severe.

I can’t risk it.

The most recent sting pretty much immobilized my hand—and the swelling made it ¾ of the way up to my elbow. The picture I posted a few days ago was BEFORE it got to the worst point. I realize this doesn’t sound very appetizing. I hope you’re not eating breakfast while you read this. The swelling was so severe my knuckles are bruised from what little movement I had to make.

Beekeepers get stung. That’s just the way it is. I’ve heard from a lot of my beekeeping colleagues that they get some fairly uncomfortable localized swelling, but they put up with it because, all in all, beekeeping is fun and enjoyable, and the honey it great!

I looked out at my beehives this morning and realized that I’m afraid of those little girls now. As much as I’ve come to love and respect them (yes, it is possible to love a bee!), I feel that I’m putting my life at risk by continuing this journey.

As I decide how to end this … this experiment … this journey, I’ll keep you informed. You’ve come this far with me, and I’ll feel better knowing I can share the end of it with you.

BEEattitude for Day # 335:
       Blessed are those who cry when they need to, for they shall find comfort in their tears.


AggiePete said...

I know this is a difficult decision for you to make - we've all grown to love the little fuzzies and look so forward to hearing about your adventures with them. But your health is far more important. Thank you for all you've done.

Fran Stewart said...

Part of my dilemma, Petie, has been what to do with this blog. I'll definitely keep it going through the dispersal process, but beyond that? ... I don't know.

AggiePete said...

But every post doesn't have to always be about the fuzzies ... you've had some great writings - whether it be about the yard, your visits to bookstores, markets, etc. It's been such fun and for me personally always something new & different. I know the others will feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to read today's blog but have been concerned, especially after the last photo. I do hope you keep up your blog. I've read everyone since you started and hope you keep it up - no matter what the subject. You are a great writer with a wide range of interests and I for one would miss not starting my day with your blog! Ellen

Fran Stewart said...

Thank you Petie and Ellen for the encouragement. As long as people are still interested in reading, I might as well keep writing!

Sopralto said...

I know how excited you were when you brought the bees home (singing all the way in the car!). I have so loved reading about your adventures, and I especially love your 'beeattitudes'. Your wonderful perspective on life, living, and 'beeing' in harmony with it all has been such a joy to me. I understand that this blog project started out as a 'bee' journal, but I think perhaps you'll see that it has become so much more than that. Please keep sharing! And take care of yourself.

Fran Stewart said...

To Ellen and to Laurie - thank you for such encouraging words. I'll keep going with the blog. After all, I want to follow my 100,000 girls on their way - and I know you'd like to hear about what happens to them.

I've decided what to do with them, and I'll be talking about it in a few days. <<<< drum rolls >>>>

I do truly appreciate knowing that you read the blog regularly. That means a lot to me.